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Premium soy milk machines and
tofu making supplies since 1999  

Image by Michael Chambers

our story

Since 1998, Sanlinx has been the first and leading American seller of soymilk makers and tofu-making supplies. All five generations of our machines have risen to the top of the market, thanks to our cutting-edge technology, attention to detail, and devotion to the best customer experience.

In the past 25 years, we’ve seen Amazon go from online bookseller to digital giant, almond milk go from hippie concept to refrigerator staple, and our family business go from building cardboard towers in our basement to building our own warehouse in our hometown. Today, we remain committed to bringing you the highest quality soymilk makers and tofu-making supplies.

25 Years of Excellence 

Sanlinx has been a pioneer in the soy milk maker category since 1998 with the original SoyaJoy. Each subsequent model we have introduced has become the best seller of its time. We have remained the leader in the business over the years by honoring our commitments to our customers before and after sales. We have witnessed other sellers who come and go, leaving their customers stranded, You can be assured Sanlinx will be here for you.


Original SoyaJoy


It all started with the SoyaJoy, the first soy milk maker sold in the US.



Our second machine continued to establish us as the #1 selling soymilk maker company in the US


SoyaPower Plus

We entered the Amazon game with the SoyaPower Plus, which became its #1 selling soymilk maker.


SoyaJoy G3

The G3 brought many improvements like our Tornado Blending System™ for even smoother milks and removing the internal basket filter.


SoyaJoy G4

The SoyaJoy G4 succeeded the G3 by also becoming the #1 seller on Amazon, and introduced a new modern look to our line.


SoyaJoy G4+
sjg4+final copy 2.jpg

The G4+ reintroduced the plastic cladding for thermal insulation and got hundreds of reviews with a 5-star average rating.


SoyaJoy G5

Our newest machine builds on 24 years of expertise to bring you the absolute best on the market.


SoyaJoy G5

Further improvements made to the best selling SoyaJoy G5, with improved pour spout design, better error sensor robustness, and more.

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