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This is an opened machine that has been tested and functions like new. We provide the same 1-year warranty as we do for our new machines.


The newest soy milk maker from SoyaJoy has been tested and refined to our high standards, and is finally ready! 


The SoyaJoy G5 boasts the reliable high-tech features you know and love from the G4 and G4+, with a new blade funnel design for even smoother and richer plant milks, including soy milk, almond milk, and oat milk.



  • Seven options for making a variety of plant milks and soups: Soaked Beans, Dry Beans, Soy + Grains, Raw, Smooth Soup, Chunky Soup, and Hot Cocoa
  • Stainless steel grinding and cooking chamber for cleaning ease and durability
  • Thermo-plastic exterior provides a layer of protection between the steel pitcher and straying hands
  • 1.6 quarts (liter) capacity, one of the largest on the market
  • Perfect Grind™ technology for a richer and more nutritious milk yield from beans, seeds, and grains
  • Fourth Generation filterless design with no internal filter, making cleanup easier than ever
  • Cone design to funnel ingredients towards the blades for finer grinding and better extraction
  • Enhanced cooking cycle for better taste and digestion. Heated cycles cook for over 20 minutes at over 200 °F (93°C) to ensure the inactivation of enzyme inhibitors. This is especially important for beans such as soybeans, which cannot be eaten raw! 
  • Raw cycle option for perfectly blended milks made from ingredients best kept raw, like almonds, walnuts, oats, and most nuts
  • Intelligent heating – water level sensor, temperature sensor, and overflow sensor work with the solid-state power control during heated cycles to ensure no boil-over or burning of milk to the bottom of the machine

    SoyaJoy G5 (OB)

    $159.99 Regular Price
    $119.99Sale Price
      • Owner’s manual
      • Power cord 
      • Measuring cup
      • Fine mesh metal sieve
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