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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a soymilk maker? Can it only be used to make soymilk? 

Soymilk makers were invented to make their namesake beverage, but make no mistake, they’re actually multipurpose milk, porridge, and soup makers. These machines combine and automate both heating and blending functions to create a speedy, hands-off process. Soymilk in particular requires high heating temperatures to make it safe to drink, which prompted us to develop our sensitive cooking technology. Too much heat, and the soymilk would burn, but too little, and the enzymes would not be deactivated. This also makes our machines perfect for making hands-off porridges, soups, and hot chocolate! We go one step further with our raw blending option, which makes almond milk and other uncooked beverages with hands-free ease.

Why not make soymilk with a pot and blender?

It may not seem complicated, but anyone who's made soymilk from scratch with a pot and blender knows how messy and difficult it gets, thanks to the boiling temperatures required to make soybeans edible and the huge piles of foam that blending soybeans generates, not to mention washing all the different devices afterwards. Our soymilk makers take care of it all in one pot: just press a button and move on with your life! Our built-in temperature and foam sensors are used to intelligently prevent burning and boiling-over, and the optimally designed cook cycles minimizes foam, making the soymilk far easier to strain. Furthermore, our large capacity machines are more appropriate for making beverages than smaller speciality appliances. With a quality soymilk machine, soymilk goes from a long struggle to hardly more difficult than a nice cup of coffee.

Why isn’t there a built-in filter? Will I have to strain the milk?

We include a metal sieve for straining milks with every machine. However, this is for manual use, and isn’t a component of the machine itself. Some soymilk makers, including the very early 2000s versions of our machines, contained removable filter baskets inside the machine to contain the pulp. We found that interior filters ultimately not worth the struggle to clean them, so we redesigned a filter-less machine. Customers agreed that it was far easier to use, so we stuck with it. Today, almost all commercial soymilk makers today come without internal filter baskets.

To strain, simply set our included sieve over a pitcher and pour the milk through to strain. Press out extra moisture with the back of a spoon, and you’re set! Some customers prefer to run it through a nut milk bag (see our XL Nut Milk Bags for a great option) as well for even smoother soymilk, but most are satisfied with the sieve straining.

What’s the difference between the SoyaPower and SoyaJoy?

The SoyaPower is smaller-capacity, and is thermo-plastic coated, whereas the SoyaJoy is larger, with a stainless steel outer. Both have the same high-tech features and heating/blending elements.

What’s the difference between Sanlinx and other vendors?

Unlike many sellers new to the market, Sanlinx is a longstanding family-run business committed to true quality and attentive customer service. Since 1999, we have brought the very best products to our customers. This demands strict attention to detail. From our durable steel soymilk makers and handcrafted bamboo tofu boxes to our genuine Himalayan nigari, we provide products that can be relied on for beautiful results.

We stand behind the quality of our products, with 1-year limited warrantee and 90-day return period. And always, we work with our customers for the best experience possible. This time-tested dedication to stellar service is what many others simply don’t have.

I’ve heard that soy is bad for you. Is this true?

Dietary choices are highly personal. Science shows that the nutrients in the humble soybean help prevent cancer, fight heart disease, and lower risk of osteoporosis. The naturally occurring estrogen-like compounds in soy are over 1000 times weaker than the estrogens (all) humans produce. Even better, when you make your own soymilk from scratch, you avoid ingesting the questionable additives in some commercial soymilks.

Commercial soy products may go through processes which lower the nutritious content or isolate particular compounds. Naturally, this might lead to consuming more than a normal amount of one particular part. Furthermore, studies often use unrealistically large amounts of soy, only soy isolates, or use animal testing, which can lead to results that sound scarier than they are. When you make your own soymilk and okara at home, you are using the whole soybean. This keeps everything at a healthy and natural level. You can rest assured that the lectin, saponins, and protease inhibitors that act as “anti-nutrients” in raw soy are safely destroyed by the high temperature our machines heat the milk to.

Many health sites do detailed analyses of all kinds of food, and it’s important to watch out for fear-mongering, pseudoscience, and inaccurate information. Soybeans are packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and like any other food, best enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. Additionally, soybeans are a sustainable and economical source of protein for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike.

Do you ship to my country?

Sanlinx ships to the US only. In addition, all machines ship to the continental US for free.

More questions? Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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