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How not to fall for the marketing hype

As an engineer designing blenders and soy milk makers for the last 20 years, I have tested almost every soy milk maker and almond milk maker on the market. I am amazed by how many people have fallen for the hype of product repackaging and promotion rather than real product improvements. Every few years, some new brands come into the market. These newcomers typically take a product already existing on the market, sometimes even an older generation technology, and just make some appearance or packaging changes. They then spend most of their resources in marketing their "new machine". I don't know how they can so quickly get so many great reviews and online traffic, but most of these newcomers have their roots in online marketing, so they are very experienced in that. However, they slowly lose steam, and some brands even disappear in just a few years. This is because once many people buy their product and use it, the truth will surface.

We at Sanlinx often get solicitations from marketing companies promising to help us promote our brand and products, some even promising dramatically more 5-star reviews, but we believe we should spend our resources in improving our product and customer experience rather than on marketing. We may have lost the opportunity to sell faster, but we have outlived those hype-only brands. I just hope fewer people will fall for those kinds of brands.

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