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"Where can I get the best soybeans for making soy milk?"

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You can use any soybeans with the SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker. Soybeans can be found in most natural food stores, most Asian groceries stores, and some supermarkets. Soybeans from a recent crop make better tasting and more nutritious soy milk. If you are new to homemade soymilk, you may like as little "bean" flavor as possible. Fairview Farms sells top-quality soybeans by mail order. Their Laura Soybeans are especially good for making soy milk with little or no bean flavor. You can order at: 1-888-526-9296.

Many people who have been drinking homemade soy milk for some time actually prefer the full-flavored soy milk taste. If you prefer full-flavored soy milk use full-flavored, organic soybeans.

Always try to buy from the most recent crop whenever possible. Beans from a new crop taste better, and are more nutritious as well.

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