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SoyaPower soy milk maker reviews
SoyaJoy and SoyaPower v.s. SoyQuick

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Introduction to the Reviews

You may have read many reviews to decide which soy milk maker to purchase. You may have narrowed down to only two or three choices and need to make the final decision. The problem is that each of the final candidates got good reviews, and few reviewers make a direct comparison for obvious reasons. However, one reviewer, Vickilynn Haycraft is bold and straight-forward enough to tell you what she found out of her testing. Below are what she conclusions:

SoyQuick and SoyaJoy are the same machine

Because the SoyQuick, which was formerly marketed as the “SoyLife” brand, and the SoyaJoy are basically the same machine, the operation, results and product reviews comparing these two machines are identical. Both of these machines are excellent, well-made soymilk makers that consistently perform well and produce a wonderful product. I have recommended the SoyaJoy and been very happy with it in my own use. And since testing and personally using the SoyQuick and the updated SoyaJoy model (SJ-5) side by side, I am happy using and recommending either model. Both machines tested performed equally well and are identical in function.

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SoyaPower is better than SoyQuick and SoyaJoy

The SoyaPower is the next offering in the soymilk maker market, distributed by Sanlinx, the company which also distributes the SoyaJoy. The SoyaPower has exciting new features (see the SoyaPower Product Review) that, in my opinion, set it apart from either the SoyQuick or the SoyaJoy, even though both of those machines are excellent quality machines and perform well. As noted in my review, some of what I consider as disadvantages of the SoyQuick and SoyaJoy, have been addressed and rectified in the SoyaPower. I am thrilled with the new features of the SoyaPower, especially for families with young children, as the features create a safer environment when making soymilk at home. Since the performance of the SoyaPower equals the SoyQuick and SoyaJoy, the added features add another option and choice of soymilk makers. Since all three are U.L listed and perform extremely well, I can recommend all three machines as solid choices and good investments.

Comparing the features of the SoyaPower to the SoyQuick and the SoyaJoy, my personal preference is the SoyaPower.

Click here to read the original review at the reviewer's web site.


SoyaPower Plus V.S. SoyQuick Premier

Recently two new models came to the market, they are the SoyaPower Plus and the SoyQuick Premier. Vickilynn reviewed both machines and has given SoyaPower Plus her highest recommendations. She has not yet made an explicit conclusion of the SoyaPower Plus v.s. the SoyQuick Premier yet, but from the features and advantages list she made of each machine, it is easy to see that comparison is much like the comparison of their predecessors - the SoyaPower and the SoyQuick. Below is the list compiled from her review of the SoyaPower Plus and the SoyQuick Premier, and you can make your own conclusion.

Soy Milk Advantages per Vickilynn Haycraft Review

SoyaPower Plus SoyQuick Premier
Materials that come in contact with the beverages are quality stainless steel Materials that come in contact with the beverages are quality stainless steel
Steel Tornado Grinding System™ funnel instead of a filter
Steel Grind Right TechnologyTM grinding cover instead of a filter
4 pre-programmed press-button choices for making perfect non-dairy milks and broths from nuts, beans, grains, rice, seeds and any combination of them. Control pad has 3 programmable cycles
Stainless steel canister has pouring spout and a rolled top, making pouring less messy Steel canister has pouring spout and has a rolled top, making pouring less messy
The stainless steel canister’s one-piece construction prevents the soymilk from dripping in between the layer of plastic and steel  
**Plastic cover over the stainless steel canister reduces noise and temperature during operation. Control pad is programmable for custom cycles and additional function options  
Cycle are fast — approximately 16 -18 minutes depending on choice of cycle Cycle length is fast — approximately 16-18 minutes depending on the cycle
Includes an added safety shut-off switch Includes an added safety shut-off switch
Plastic drip pan included to stand machine head when not in use; very helpful when removing machine head from the canister when hot
Metal mesh strainer included, as well as cleaning tools  
4 grinding blades, compared to 2 blades on other models  
Detailed user manual and free recipe book Detailed, informative User Manual with exciting new custom recipes
Toll-free order line and excellent Customer Service Toll-free ordering and excellent Customer Service
Speedy shipping to all U.S. customers from Sanlinx’s, Tennessee wholesale warehouse  
Excellent Customer Service and warranty Excellent Customer Service, even after the sale

**Note: 800 watts power ratings on the SoyQuick Premier is for the heating power, not the motor power. The two machines actually have same motor power. Since the SoyaPower Plus has thermoplastic outliner insulation, it uses only 700 watts of heating power to heat up as quickly as the SoyQuick Premier. Besides higher energy efficiency, the insulating outliner also reduces the grinding noise.


Vickilynn Haycraft reviewed SoyaPower Plus™ with her highest recommendations.  

A student of health and nutrition for 30 years, Vickilynn Haycraft has over 20 years of actual hands-on experience reviewing and personally using different tools of the homemaking vocation, focusing on the areas of health and nutrition. Vickilynn is a magazine columnist, product reviewer and cookbook author, as well as being full-time wife and mom to 5 children.

The new SoyaPower Plus not only kept all the great features of the SoyaPower, but also improved upon it! ...

Just what is the “Plus” in the SoyaPower Plus? It is the advanced filter-less design that not only offers the easiest soymilk making operation available, but completely changes the options for making homemade non-dairy milks and broths.

The “Plus” is the patented Tornado Grinding System ™ which transforms the SoyaPower Plus into a powerhouse machine, with no filter to clean.

The features that I rated so highly on the SoyaPower are included in the SoyaPower Plus; features such as outer insulation covering that surrounds the stainless interior of the machine which makes the machine cooler to touch and also muffles the machine’s noise. I also really like the metal latches that secure the machine head to the body for added assurance. The SoyaPower Plus also retained the automatic shutoff switch as an added security measure. As a mom with children at home, I appreciate these extra features for our safety.

The new SoyaPower Plus not only kept all the great features of the SoyaPower, but improved upon it! Programmable cycle features are expanded in the SoyaPower Plus, making the machine more versatile. The SoyaPower Plus boasts the most pre-programmed operations (4 separate one-touch operations) for a wide variety of combinations or beans, grains, nuts, seeds or legumes.

- Vickilynn Haycraft   Click to read full review


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