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Sanlinx Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of the SoyaJoy, SoyaPower, and SoyaPower Plus Soy Milk Makers. Sanlinx pioneered programmable home-use soymilk makers and brought the SoyaJoy soymilk maker to the North America in 1999. Sanlinx sells and ships Soymilk Makers to countries in all five continents. Sanlinx also pioneered factory-direct, online marketing of soymilk makers, and automatically offers wholesale prices when you order multiple units online.

We are the expert of soymilk makers, continuously improving the current products and develop new models. We currently have three models on the market, from the classical SoyaJoy, to the advanced SoyaPower, and now the state-of-the-art SoyaPower Plus and SoyaJoy G3. 

Sanlinx strives for customer satisfaction and relies on customer referrals for most new sales.  Unlike most of the recent contenders in the online-sales crowd, Sanlinx clearly posts its "full refund" return policy and warranty terms, and always stands behind its warranties. While others come and go, Sanlinx has been here the longest in the business and we will be here when you need us. Another seller imitate us selling soy milk makers with 7-year warranty, but went out of business before much sooner than that!

Because Sanlinx operates its own warehousing and does its own order fulfillment, it is among the fastest at shipping online orders. Sanlinx ships its orders via UPS the same day for orders placed in the morning, and the next day for orders placed in the afternoon EST. Online customers automatically receive shipping confirmation with a UPS tracking # so shipping status is just a few clicks away. All shipments with UPS are properly insured. 

The SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker is the only brand recommended by not-for-profit organizations after vigorous testing. It is also the soy milk maker highly recommended by independent nutrition experts. Hundreds of customers have written to us with positive feedback about the SoyaJoy.  Sanlinx has never paid or solicited these experts or our customers for their testimonials. They recommend the SoyaJoy to others simply because they like our products and are happy with our service. You can be sure that we will offer you the best soy milk maker and the best service.  Watching so many would-be competitors come and go, we understand that we must always offer the best products and service to stay in business. In deed, Sanlinx has by far the longest history in serving the North America Market.

If you have any suggestion to offer on how we can improve our products or our service, please email us by simply clicking HERE. We love hearing from you!

You may also join us in saving lives in Africa by donating soymilk makers to the Presbyterian Embangweni Mission Hospital at Embangweni, Malawi. Our SoyaPower Soymilk Makers are being used in making soymilk for undernourished children, orphans and babies who no longer nursed by their mothers. Click here to read more.


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