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SoyaJoy G4+

SoyaJoy G4+ retains all the features of SoyaJoy G4 with one upgrade - thermoplastic outliner over the SoyJoy G4 stainless steel body. Inside are made of all stainless steel just like the G4. Right now we offer introduction bonus of $10 discount and 2-year warranty. 

Package includes:
Owner's manual, measure cup, cleaning pad, plastic pitcher, a sieve, and one starter Laura™ soybean pack, 2-year limited warranty.

Free shipping to the contiguous 48 states (UPS Ground Only)

With  2-Year Warranty
Suggested Retail: $209.95
Factory Direct Price
Holiday Sales at  $149.95


SoyaJoy G4
01: SoyaJoy G4 (110v model only)

SoyaJoy G4 has been replaced by the newer and  upgraded SoyaJoy G4+ model. 

The upgraded SoyaJoy G4+ now has an thermoplastic outliner over the stainless steel pitcher body. We guarantee that the upgarded new model is everything the SoyaJoy G4 is and better. Thus we back it up with additional one year warranty.

Click picture on left for more details

With 1-Year Warranty
Being replaced by the newer model - The SoyaJoy G4+

Factory Direct Price $139.99



SoyaPower G4 Soy milk maker

02: SoyaPower (110v model only)

SoyaPower G4 retains all the features of SoyaPower Plus, gained more functions and an all stainless steel cooking chamber with "Perfect Grind" and  bottom heating technology.

Accessories includes: Owner's manual 
Measure cup, cleaning pad, plastic pitcher, and a sieve.
Starter Laura™ soybean package**
One-year limited warranty
Toll-free customer service
Free shipping to the continental 48 states (UPS Ground Only)

Click picture on left for more details


With 1-Year Warranty

Suggested Retail: $199.95
Factory Direct price
Summer sale at: $119.99

Get $15 off each when ordering two or more. GThet $25 off each when ordering four or more. Must be in one order and ship to one address.

004: Additional two-year warranty Add additional two years warranty (total 3-year) to protect your purchase of the SoyaJoy G4 and SoyaPower G4. We don't honor warranty sold by a third party (any one other than Sanlinx Inc.).  $24.99

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Most of the following items are for making tofu with the soy milk made with a soy milk maker. Click the pictures or text links for more product information. You can buy these items at any time. Add any items now to your order for soy milk makers to get free shipping. Otherwise, $6.99 S&H will be automatically added to your order total. 

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SoyaJoy Nigari
006: Nigari 

(Magnesium chloride hexadyrate, 8 Oz )

The SoyaJoy Nigari is a premium nigari as Himalayan salt is a premium salt. Unlike most nigari on the market that are derived from modern-day sea water, the SoyaJoy Nigari is from the pristine Cha'erhan salt lake at more than 8000 feet of elevation in the remote Qinghai-Tibet high land. The dry salt lake was formed when the Himalayans rose from the ocean hundreds of millions years ago. There is no concerns of radiation and other pollutants from modern-day sea water due to nuclear plant leaks, industrial discharges, or farm land run offs to the ocean.

The SoyaJoy Nigari is packed in a strong food grade Ziplock plastic bag for your convenience of reseal after each use. This is by far the most premium and high quality nigari on the market. 8 oz makes up to 100 lbs of tofu and therefore no needs to buy larger bags.

Instruction for using it to make tofu is included.



006A: Nigari
(Magnesium chloride hexadyrate, 8 Oz)
This is same product as above (006) but not in the same condition.When nigari is mined from the bottom of the sault lake, it is in large chunks. It is then broken into fine granules and packaged. However, moisture will enter the plastic package slowly and resolidify the nigari after about two year. Like table salt, even a small amount of moisture in the packaging will cause the nigari to revert to its natural, solidified state. Although this does not affect the function of the mineral, it requires some manual massaging to break up the chunks. For this reason, we are offering this to you at half price. We guarantee that the product's quality and purity remains undamaged.  5.99

007: Gypsum

Natural gypsum (calcium sulfate)  makes great-tasting tofu with added dietary calcium content. Natural gypsum comes in a 12 oz., zip-sealed package. You can use a teaspoon for measuring; makes a total of 90 lbs. of tofu. Click picture at left to read more. 



bamboo tofu kit
Premium Total Tofu Kit made of natural bamboo

This SoyaJoy Premium Total Tofu Kit is our second generation tofu kit. It contains a natural bamboo press, pressing cloth, & 8 oz. of SoyaJoy premium all natural nigari ( solidifies up to100 lbs. of tofu). Full instructions for making tofu included. This large size (6"x5"x5") makes up to 1.5 lbs of tofu. 

Click picture at left for more details. 


Pitcher and sieve

010: SoyaJoy Stainless Steel Pitcher & Seive  with bonus plastic tofu press kit

This is an upgrade to the plastic pitcher that ships with most soy milk makers. The stainless pitcher  is dishwasher safe and holds up to 3.5 liters of soymilk - perfect for filtering two batches of soy milk. The sieve can be placed on the pitcher without  being held while pouring milk into it. For limited time, we will add a bonus plastic tofu press (item 12 below) to your order. 




011: Himalayan Magnesium 
chloride hexadyrate (53 Oz)
The Himalayas magnesium granule is food grade, fine granule form of magnesium chloride hexadyrate and other trace minerals. It is packaged in a convenient re-sealable zip-lock bag for use in making magnesium oil or in baths and foot soaks. The fine granule and high purity is especially suited for making magnesium oil - simply mix 1 cup of the granule to 1 to 2 cups of boiling water in a non-aluminum container, cool down and pour into a spray bottle for use. $14.95


plastic tofu press

012: Small plastic Tofu Press with cheese cloth

Small plastic tofu press (BPA free). The press makes a 1/4 -1/2 lbs tofu block. It is ideal for learning how to make tofu.


Shipping charges to other than the continental 48 states or oversea will be calculated based on each order.

** Starter Laura™ soybean package is a free gift based on availability from Fairview Farms.

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