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 Soy Milk Makers at Factory-Direct Prices
Get nutritious non-dairy milks from harvests of the nature: Beans/grains/seeds/nuts/

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We occasionally  have a customer return a machine. Typically, the customer has only used the machine a few times, some times not at all. Face it, when we sell thousands of  machines, there will always be a return from time to time for one reason or another, given our full refund return policy. 

These are almost new machines.  We always fully tested every returned machine to make sure it works just like new. These machines also carry our standard 1-year warranty and our generous 90-day refund policy. You will get 100% refund for the purchase price, not inlcuding shipping cost. 

Max. order quantity is one machines per order. This is a great deal considering that the machine is only  used a few times and still carry full 1-year warranty.  Click the order button below the picture on the right to order

Features and benefits of SoyaJoy/SoyaPower soy milk makers
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Sanlinx Return/Refund Policy

As the exclusive US wholesale distributor, Sanlinx Inc. will provide its customers with warranty service even if the SoyaJoy is purchased from our resellers, provided that the warranty is registered with Sanlinx within 30 days of purchase. If you buy the SoyaJoy from a SoyaJoy reseller, the reseller may have its own return and refund policy, in which case the reseller must be contacted for return/refund. 

If this same machine is sold with a reseller's own brand, Sanlinx is NOT responsible for return/refund or warranty service.  Refund Policy


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SoyaJoy G4

SoyaJoy G4 Open Box
with 1-year warranty

$79.99  + 9.99 s&h


SoyaPower G4

SoyaPower G4 Open
Box  with 1-year warranty

$79.99 + 9.99 s&h


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