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Marie shows her friends and audiences how to make soy milk with the SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker! 

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Marie shows Lisa how easy and economical it can be to make soy milk in just 15 minutes! Below are picture clips and a five-minute video originally shown on VegTV.com. You can get to the bottom of this page and play the Video right there by click the "Play" button.

show starts

Show starts

Adding soybean into soy milk maker filter cup

Adding soybeans to filter cup

Attache filter to machine head

Attach filter to machine head

place SoyaJoy machine head onto pitcher

Place machine head on pitcher


Press the Start button

Press the START button

Soy milk is made in 15 minutes

Boiling hot soy milk is done in 15 minutes

Add flavoring

Flavor soy milk to your liking

Great soy milk, Cheers!


Use soy milk with coffee

With cereal 

Chocolate soy milk!

Lisa is happy!

  Click the play button below to see the news video clip


Marie had given the SoyaJoy high recommendations to her readers and audiences. It's no wonder that Marie chooses the SoyaJoy to demonstrate to her friends and audience how to make soy milk.

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