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How to make tofu at home
step-by-step instructions with links to tofu recipes


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If you love store-bought tofu, you will be surprised how much better freshly made tofu is. Making tofu at home from scratch is time-consuming and difficult without a soy milk maker. Tofu is made from soy milk. Most of the work involved in making tofu is making the soy milk. 

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to make tofu from soy milk. Visit other pages on our Web site for instructions on how to make soy milk. Many links to tofu recipes are listed at the end of this page.

Hot soymilk from soy milk maker
Hot Soymilk
Added coagulant to soymilk
Coagulant just added
soymilk is curdling
Soymilk curdling
Transfer curdles into the tofu box
Transfer to tofu box
Put a weight on the tofu box
Put a weight on
Yummy tofu is ready!
Yummy tofu !

Soybeans will double its size after 6 to 8 hours of soaking in room temperature water. One ounce of dry soybean makes about two ounces of tofu although this varies quite a bit for soft tofu or hard tofu. The following instructions are for making about one lb of tofu. 

1.    Make two batches of soy milk per SoyaJoy, SoyaPower soy milk maker. Once the soy milk is made, the major part of the work for making tofu is done!
2.    Pour both batches into a pot and simmer it to boiling. Then turn off the heat and add the coagulant solution into the soy milk. Soymilk needs to be near boiling hot when adding coagulant. Thus this step is just in case the first batch of soymilk has cooled off too much while the second batch is being made. If you make the second batch of soymilk immediately after the first batch, it may be OK simply mixing the two batches together without simmer it. You can reduce the time for making second batch by using boiling hot water.
3.    Prepare coagulant you can do this while the soymilk is simmering. Dissolve either 1 tsp. nigari (natural magnesium chloride) or 2 tsp. natural calcium sulfate in 1 cup (8 oz.) hot water. Less coagulant produces softer tofu, while more produces firmer tofu.
4.    Pour the prepared coagulant solution slowly into the soy milk, stirring gently. Stop stirring when 3/4 of coagulant solution has been added. Wait 2-3 minutes. Now, gently stir the forming curds and sprinkle the last 1/4 of the coagulant solution into any milky areas. If there are no milky areas, you do not need to add the rest of the coagulant solution. If there are still some milky areas after adding all the solution, mix and add some more. Depending on the water quality, etc., you may need slightly more or less coagulant.
5.    Once the soymilk has separated into small white curds of tofu and an amber liquid (whey) as shown on pictures above, transfer curds to a tofu mold (or tofu box) lined with cheesecloth. Any container that has many small holes to allow residual whey to drain can serve as a tofu mold. A lid is then placed on the forming container, after which a small weight of 3 - 5 pounds is placed on the lid of the container and allowed to sit for 20 minutes or so. A pot or jar of water can serve as the weight.
6.    Empty the resulting block of tofu into a tub of cold water and allow it to sit for another hour, then store the tofu in the refrigerator and change the soaking water daily. 

You can eat the fresh tofu while it is still warm. Freshly made warm tofu tastes so much better than the store-bought stuff! If you use soybeans from a new crop, the tofu tastes even better. It is very satisfying to see tofu taking shape from soy milk. Most everyone who tries it enjoys the process.

About Tofu Coagulant - Natural calcium sulfate and magnesium chloride are the most commonly used tofu coagulants. They have been used for hundreds of years in Japan and China. It is very difficult to find them in retail stores. We offer both for sale on this Web site (http://www.soymilkmaker.com).

There is no such machine as a Tofu Maker, regardless of vendor claims. All a machine can do is make the soy milk that will be used to make tofu. This is the reason we label the SoyaJoy a "soy milk maker," not a "tofu maker," even though it performs exactly the same function as any other machine that leads you to believe it can make tofu with the push of a button. 

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