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Soy recipes - Winnie’s cookbooks meet many different types of needs.

How to make tofu - Step-by-step instruction on how to make tofu in your own kitchen.

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SoyaJoy soy milk maker - Automatic SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker makes fresh soy milk in 15 minutes for less than
50¢ per gallon. - SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker for home use.

a regular's comment - SoyaJoy is a better machine costing less due to online direct prices.

Here are posts about the SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker.  Because the SoyaJoy is the original soy milk maker and the market leader, you can find much more information on the Internet about it. We check most of them; the response is overwhelmingly positive. 

I did my research on which soy milk maker to buy

I purchased a soymilk maker in May and use it at least twice a week. After the research I did, I decided to buy a SoyaJoy, which does not make tofu. I posted lots of messages on vegetarian boards and to other users were had been looking to purchase and the one that everyone seems to be the happiest with and which also seemed to be the most durable, was the SoyaJoy.

Mirador - Fall 2001 Newsletter
... information on irradiation. Soymilk Maker We have finally found a great
and affordable soymilk maker, the SoyaJoy. With this machine ...

I have an SoyaJoy soy milk maker

I have a Soyajoy machine that makes my almond milk (and any other type of milk you want). You have the option to cook it or just grind (I always just grind). It cut my milk preparation time for the baby down to a few minutes rather than all the straining I used to do. You can find the machine at

making soy milk
... 15:35 We are most pleased to announce that INTSOY (International Soybean Program)
at the University of Illinois has conducted vigorous testing of the SoyaJoy ..

SoyaJoy beats SoyToy hands down - This will end the misinformation about SoyaJoy vs. SoyToy.

Fairview Farms Quality Food Soybeans and Soybean Products, ...
Description: High quality non-GMO food soybeans, organic soybeans, and soybean products.

soy milk makers
... regarding this. Thanks, Karen: Posted By: GHSU on June 24, 2001 at
21:06 We also got the SoyaJoy soy milk maker. We love it. It's ...

Making Tofu and Soy Milk at Home -- Ellen's Kitchen - FAQs
... before you make a selection. For soymilk machine info, and a great
online sale price, see the Soyajoy folks. This machine is still ...

Winnie?s Winning Ways
... for On-Line Purchasing. Meet the Author "Winnie" Elaine Edel. A Good
Helpful Link - Automatic SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker for home use.

Ellen's Kitchen
... We have had our Soyajoy soymilk maker for about six months now. It is still
as wonderful as when I reported back in May shortly after purchase. ... - Vegan voice, the place for Vegan news, ideas, and resources.

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