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Deal #1 - Get a Brand New Soy Milk Maker Free

Get your local store to carry SoyaPower Plus or SoyaJoy G3, and you will get one machine FREE. Most people do not know that the automatic soy milk maker exists. If you can convince your local store to contact us and become a reseller, we will give you a new machine for free. Even after you have bought your own, we will refund your purchase price. If you like your soy milk maker, bring it to the store manager to demonstrate how it works. Ask the store to contact us, or email us with the store contact info so we can initiate the contact. Once the store has placed its first order, we will send you a free machine or issue a refund if you have already paid for your purchase. 

Deal #2 - Win a Brand New Soy Milk Maker

If you want to try your luck, you can enter to win a brand new machine. Just click HERE to send us an email (you do not need to write anything in the email).  Duplicate entries will be automatically removed. 

We will award a new machine for every 200 entries - that's more chances to win than just about any other drawing! Best of all, it does not cost you anything but a few seconds. We will email you to request your shipping address if you win.

You must be 21 or older to participate. No purchase is necessary. Laws of each state will apply.

Deal #3 -  Earn a Brand New Soy Milk Maker

If you do not trust your odds of winning a machine (one in 200), here is a more reliable way to get one free - earn it. When you have accumulated orders amounting to $800 (actual paid total amount for products excluding discounts and shipping), we will send one SoyaJoy G3 or SoyaPower Plus to you completely free.  Even the shipping will be free. You do not have to order all the machines/products at one time to qualify for the deal. Just keep a record of your orders and email us to request the free machine when your accumulated orders total $800. We will verify against our records and ship the free machine to you promptly. Note that all qualified orders must be made within two calendar years. Many people do not know that there is an automatic soy milk maker available that makes better soy milk and saves them money. Others do not have Internet access and so cannot take advantage of our great online price. When you order for them, you are doing them and us a great favor and thus should be rewarded with a free machine. Note that all orders must be purchased from Sanlinx Inc. directly.

Deal #4 - Open-Box Buy

We occasionally have a customer returning a machine. Typically, the customer has only used the machine once or twice. Face it, when we sell thousands of machines, there will inevitably be a return from time to time for one reason or another, given our full return and refund policy. 

These are almost-new machines and we always fully test every returned machine to make sure it works just like new. These machines also carry the same warranty as our new machines. 

You can get one at $69 for a SoyaJoy G3 or SoyaPower Plus with $9.99 shipping. This is a great deal considering that the machine was only used once or twice and includes a full warranty. 

If you want to buy one, you can email us by simply clicking HERE. We will let you know by email if we have one available. Please do not call. Our associates taking regular orders can't help you with any information concerning an Open-Box Buy. 

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Updated January 04, 2012