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The SoyaJoy Automatic Soymilk Maker - Make Soy Milk at Home

We have signed up enough Web-based retailers in the US, but we are still seeking store-based retailers in the US and all types of retailers and distributors in other countries. We supply machines for electric power of every country in the world. Please tell us the power type in your country when you contact us, i.e., 110V, 60Hz; 220V, 50Hz; etc.

If you want to be a Web-based retailer in the US, you have to convince us that you are unique in some way, and can reach certain customers who are not already served by our current Web-based retailers.

To be considered for a reseller, please email us the following information:

1. Your business name, address, phone & fax #.

2. A short description of your current business.

3. How would you sell our soymilk maker, i.e., through local retail stores or mail order?

4. Is there a specific group of potential customers you will target?

You would also need to first buy one machine from us and test use it to your satisfaction before we quote you distributor prices.

Thanks for your interest.

Sanlinx Inc.

Click here to mail us the above information.

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Last updated on November 10, 1999
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