The SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker
TEN Reasons
Why SoyaJoy Is Your Best Choice

Only when you compare will you see why the SoyaJoy soy milk maker is the best!
Every expert says soaked soybeans make better soy milk; click to read why.

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Functionality, quality, price, and customer service are what you want. Look for evaluations by independent experts, and testimonials. Beware of imitators and vendors' self-claims. Check the facts. Check how many years a vendor has been in business. Below are the critical areas you need to consider before buying a soy milk maker. 

1.  Quality Construction:  All Parts That Contact the Soy Milk are Made of Quality Stainless Steel
     In addition, the SoyaJoy stainless steel container is seamless, which makes cleaning much easier. Other soy milk machines have plastic containers or use plastic at the lower part of the machine head  You never know how plastics will compromise the quality of the soy milk during the high-temperature heating cycles.

Since the SoyaJoy is the best selling soy milk makers, we sell our inventory and get new product much faster. Sanlinx introduced the 2013 model in Feb. 2013 while other sellers are actually still selling they inventories they purchased a few years back, two to three models behind!

received numerous testimonials from our customers. The reviewers we quote are well-known individuals from respected organizations, who have signed their reviews. It is very important that the reviewer is experienced at reviewing such products and that the results are trustworthy and unbiased. In the Internet Age, "virtually" anybody can publish a review. Similarly, an online magazine of any significance can award a "Customer's Top Choice."

2.  Automatic Operation:  A Temperature Sensor Precisely Controls the Cooking Temperature

    You want to invest in a soy milk maker that is simple to use without having to deal with two dozen parts every time you make soy milk. You want a soy milk maker that automatically heats the soy milk. Heating soy milk without boiling over or scorching is the most important and difficult part of making soy milk. Make sure the machine you buy heats at the correct temperature automatically. Some juicers can make soy milk with special attachments, but they don't heat it, thus leaving the most difficult and time consuming work to you, since soy milk must be properly cooked before consumption. 
      The SoyaJoy has one temperature sensor and one boil-over sensor. The machine automatically starts grinding the soybeans when the water is heated to 177F. Independent research confirms that "hot grinding" the soybeans virtually eliminates the "beany" flavor.

3.  Competitive Pricing:  Our Direct Sales Approach Cuts Costs
     The SoyaJoy soy milk maker was the very first soy milk machine on the market. When you buy the SoyaJoy direct from Sanlinx, you save up to 50% over the retail price. No other online sellers can make a similar claim. Do not compare our online prices with other online retail prices of low-end, cheap machines. When pricing, it is necessary to compare oranges with oranges. SoyaJoy ranks at the top of high-end soy milk makers. 

4.  Return Policy:  Guaranteed Refund of Full Purchase Price for Up To 30 Days
     Our 30-day unconditional refund policy virtually eliminates the risk of purchasing a SoyaJoy soy milk maker, and it shows our confidence in our products. Read the return policy carefully. Some vendors also offer a 30-day refund policy, but when carefully read, it may state the machine must be new, unused, and in sale condition. Even then it may stipulate a 10% or more restocking fee. How  can you determine if the machine works well if you do not use it? Our 100% return/refund policy is unconditional. Some counterfeits sellers have discovered that just making a 15% restocking fee repeatedly on the same machine is very profitable. Sanlinx Inc. never charges a restocking fee.

5.  Warranty & Service:  You Deal Directly with the Manufacturer
     Sanlinx is the manufacturer and master distributor of the SoyaJoy in the US. You deal directly with Sanlinx for any returns, warranty services or parts. Dealing with a third party often complicates and delays the return process. Like our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, our generous one-year warranty also shows our confidence in the SoyaJoy. 

6.  Flexible Control:  Separate Controls Allow Customized Adjustments for Grinding and Heating
     The SoyaJoy has two 5 separate functions buttons for the grinding and heating cycles to suit specific needs.  Each of the functions is optimized for the type of ingredients
7.  Quick Delivery:  Same-Day or Next-Day Shipping
     Because Sanlinx is the manufacturer and master distributor of the SoyaJoy, we always have the machine in stock in our own warehouse. As a result, we have one of the quickest order turnaround times in the industry. 

8.  Secure Ordering:  Safe & Secure Online Processing
     Our online processing is provided by, the most reliable online real-time credit card processing provider, and a leader in their field. Entering your credit card number online on our secure server is actually safer than using your credit card to pay in a store or restaurant.

9.  Test Results:  What the Experts Have to Say

   The SoyaJoy has won every head-to-head comparison review conducted by well-known, independent reviewers. For understandable reasons, most reviewers only want to publish the winners, not the losers. 

Below is a summary of the reviews of the SoyaJoy soy milk maker, all with live links to the reviews' Web sites. 

    When the SoyaJoy soy milk maker was rated against other soy milk makers in an independent test by INTSOY*, the SoyaJoy came out on top!  In the reviewer's own words, the SoyaJoy was, "the best we have tested."   

* The International Soybean Program at the University of Illinois (INTSOY)
  has been the most respected name in soy research since 1988.

    Well-known chef and columnist Ellen recommended the SoyaJoy as the best choice to her readers.  We know Ellen is a distinguished chef and columnist, but we have never contacted her or asked her to evaluate the SoyaJoy, hence we were pleasantly surprised that she tested and recommended our machines to her loyal readers. 

     More recently, we have gotten rave reviews from the respected vegetarian Web site. Ms. Marie Oser, The Veggie Chef and a well-known soy and nutrition expert, tested our machine and has given her strong endorsement.

    Vickilynn Haycraft at reviewed and placed the SoyaJoy at the top again! "I greatly prefer the SoyaJoy!" She is very excited about our new UL listed SoyaJoy SJ-5 model, which we have been selling for a while. We are confident it will continue to be rated the best.

"I finally have been able to make a good-tasting milk alternative that my family enjoys without complaint. Making these beverages at home has saved us about $500.00 per year. The automatic soymilk maker paid for itself in about 3 months, and the best news is that the process of making non-dairy milk using a machine is easy, quick and completely automatic (thus saving my precious time for more important tasks!). I am completely sold on using these machines on a daily basis."

10. Testimonials:  Customer Feedback is Important
     When researching soy milk makers, one of your most valuable sources of information should be customer testimonials.  See what our customers have to say about the SoyaJoy soy milk maker. 


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Here are some posts about the SoyaJoy soy milk maker.  Because the SoyaJoy is the original soy milk maker and the market leader, you can find much more information on the Internet about it. We check the ratings regularly and the posts are overwhelmingly positive. 

I did my research on which soy milk maker to buy

I purchased a soymilk maker in May and use it at least twice a week. After the research I did, I decided to buy a SoyaJoy, which does not make tofu. I posted lots of messages on vegetarian boards and to other users were had been looking to purchase and the one that everyone seems to be the happiest with and which also seemed to be the most durable, was the SoyaJoy.

Mirador - Fall 2001 Newsletter
... information on irradiation. Soymilk Maker We have finally found a great
and affordable soymilk maker, the SoyaJoy. With this machine ...

I have an SoyaJoy soy milk maker

I have a Soyajoy machine that makes my almond milk (and any other type of milk you want). You have the option to cook it or just grind (I always just grind). It cut my milk preparation time for the baby down to a few minutes rather than all the straining I used to do. You can find the machine at

making soy milk
... 15:35 We are most pleased to announce that INTSOY (International Soybean Program)
at the University of Illinois has conducted vigorous testing of the SoyaJoy ..

Mirador - Fall 2001 Newsletter
We have finally found a great and affordable soymilk maker, the SoyaJoy. With this machine, you add water to a container, soybeans to a basket, push a button and in about 15 minutes you have soymilk. The machine grinds and heats the milk so that it is ready to use (after cooling). Adding a little sweetener and some salt may be desired for some people to make the taste closer to soymilks like Soy Dream.
You can make almost any kind of nut or grain milk. I have made rice milk and am looking forward to making almond milk. The unit is programmable so that you can heat without grinding or grind without heating. So, you can make raw almond (or other nut/grain) milk.

All parts that come into contact with the ingredients are made from stainless steel. The machine comes with an instruction booklet that includes recipes for using okara, the residue left from making soymilk (the leftovers from other nut/grain milks can easily be incorporated in breads or other foods, also). In addition, the company has a website with tips and recipes from other users.

You can also use the soymilk to make tofu. We have tofu kits, which include a press, Nigari (the curdling agent used to make tofu from soymilk), and cheesecloth. We also carry Nigari in packages and have complete instructions for the process of making tofu.

If you drink soy or other milks, or eat tofu, this machine can save you a lot of money with little investment in effort and time.

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