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The SoyaPower Plus is a super milk maker, not just a soymilk maker, it is a great almond milk maker and a great rice milk maker. In effect, it makes great milks, porridges, and soups from from any beans, grains, nuts, and seeds or any combination of them.

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Vickilynn Haycraft:

"The SoyaPow
er retained all the wonderful features and advantages that I loved about both the SoyaJoy and SoyQuick. However, in my opinion, the SoyaPower added extra features that work well for me, both in my testing and in regular usage in my own kitchen.

The new SoyaPower Plus not only kept all the great features of the SoyaPower, but also improved upon it! ...

Just what is the “Plus” in the SoyaPower Plus? It is the advanced filter-less design that not only offers the easiest soymilk making operation available, but completely changes the options for making homemade non-dairy milks and broths.

The “Plus” is the patented Tornado Grinding System ™ which transforms the SoyaPower Plus into a powerhouse machine, with no filter to clean."
 - Vickilynn Haycraft   Click to read full review


SoyaPower Plus Soymilk maker

Simply the best Milk Maker at any price!
Suggested retail price $199.95

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Rated top 10 small kitchen appliances together with such names as Zojirushi Rice Cooker and KitchenAid  Mixer.

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New Features And Improvements:

The SoyaPower Plus Soy milk Maker adds an important technology to the SoyaPower - Tornado Grinding System. This patented grinding technology and filter-less design resulted in better grinding, high milk yield, and ease of use and clean. While our competition is still playing catch-up to our SoyaJoy and the SoyaPower, we are now further ahead with the SoyaPower PlusSuper Milk Maker that is the best on the market at any price, guaranteed!

The SoyaPower Plus   boasts the following new features in addition to the proven features and quality of the SoyaJoy and SoyaPower:

  1. Patented Tornado Grinding System makes perfect grinding of beans, seeds, or grains with higher milk yield and ease of use.
  2. Revolutionary filter-less design allows for quick and easiest cleanup ever!
  3. One-touch, fully automatic operations.
  4. Four pre-programmed operations each optimized for making milk from soybeans, grains, seeds or unlimited combinations of beans, grains and seeds, more versatile than any other machine.
  5. Color user manual and recipe book.
  6. 7-year warranty offering, see end of the page for details.
  7. Amazing 90 day unconditional guarantee.
  8. Large 1.6 litter capacity.

The SoyaPower Plus retains all the following SoyaPower features and advantages:

  1. Makes perfect milks from all types of grains, seeds and beans. The number of combinations of healthy, delicious milks you can make is literally endless.
  2. Cool to the touch - Seamless stainless steel pitcher with thermoplastic outliner.
  3. Quieter operation and more energy-efficient due to the added thermo-insulation.
  4. Longer heating element - more even heating with no chance of burned soy milk on heater.
  5. Easier to use and clean - machine head can be placed in upright position on flat surface or in drip pan included with the machine.
  6. Additional safety feature - added lock-up latch to secure the pitcher while the machine is working.
  7. Sturdier and reliable construction due to the machine's larger diameter.
  8. UL listed for superior quality and safety and your peace of mind.

The SoyaPower Plus retains all the following SoyaJoy features and advantages:

  1. Microprocessor-controlled cooking; no "beany" taste.
  2. Easy to use - add water and soybeans; press one button.
  3. Stainless steel construction - lasting quality.
  4. Six-glass, 1.5-liter (50 oz.) capacity - enough for the whole family.   
  5. Makes rice milk, almond milk, and milks from other nuts/seeds.


SoyaPower Plus  7-Year Limited Warranty
Ownership in Months
0-36 37-40 41-44 45-48 49-53 54-65 66-77 78-84
Refund Credit Percentage Towards Replacement
FREE 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 5%

*Free Laura™ soybean Starter package subject to the availability Laura™ soybean.

Home  Soy+Health Expert reviews
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