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Comparison tests of SoyaJoy and SoyToy by independent reviewers

About this Web page

This Web page provides independent reviews and testing results of the SoyaJoy and SoyToy so that you can make your own purchasing decision. Links are provided to the original reviews. There are also Web links to unprecedented revelations about the SoyToy promoter - how he simply invents "facts" for the purpose of attacking his competition. Note that all reviews and comments are from independent sources. For your convenience, you can click the headings below to read any portion of this Web page.

We are not happy about having to post this on-one-on comparison and would have preferred to quietly win our customers one at a time. But the marketer of SoyToy started to post purely fabricated comparisons of the SoyaJoy and SoyToy five months before the SoyToy became available. For example, the SoyToy user's manual states that the SoyaJoy container is made of cheap rolled steel when anybody who has seen a SoyaJoy can attest to the fact that it is made of high-quality stainless steel. We feel that we have no choice but to present the facts. Please read on.

Independent Reviews

One-on-one comparison testing and reviews by Haycraft, a professional reviewer of many consumer products

Review by Marie Oser, a best-selling author and well-known nutrition columnist

Review by Jeff and Sabrina, vegetarian activists and publisher of the well-respected vegsource.com

Recommendations by Ellen, well-known chef and columnist, publisher of ellenskitchen.com

Review by Dr. Weingartner, Director of INTSOY (International Soybean Program at the University of Illinois)

Review by Robert Cohen when he was a SoyaJoy reseller

What SoyToy users say about their SoyToy

Review by Dr. Joseph Ross

Other must-read links:

Why you should soak soybean before making soy milk with any machine.

The Sad Truth About Robert Cohen - Do honesty and character count in an activist? by Jeff Nelson - In this convincing article, Jeff Nelson (publisher of one of the best vegetarian Web sites) details Mr. Cohen's lies and attacks on other reputable people.


One-on-one comparison testing and reviews by Haycraft, a professional reviewer of many consumer products

Most reviewers do not feel comfortable publishing negative reviews. They normally recommend only the winners to their readers. However, Haycraft, a professional reviewer of many consumer products most recently did a one-on-one comparison testing of the SoyaJoy and SoyToy and published both  -  "I greatly prefer the SoyaJoy!" she concluded. 

The biggest problem with the SoyToy is that it does not filter the soymilk well and leaves so much okara in the soy milk that many consumers can't drink it.  Below is what Haycraft has to say about the SoyToy: 


You can also Read the entire review. Note that the reviewer was provided with completely false info about the SoyToy motor's power - exaggerated more than 300% over the 200 W as published by the Korean manufacturer. Actually, this is not unusual behavior for the SoyToy marketer (the sole distributor of  SoyToy in the US). If you read on, you will discover much more.

The SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker has been market tested for over eight years with improvement upon improvement, and has received numerous testimonials from customers. We designed and manufactured soy milk makers for seven years before the first SoyToy appeared. As one reviewer so kindly stated, "be careful of the Johnny-come-lately rip-offs." 

Click here to read what SoyToy customers have to say about it.  

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Review by Marie Oser, a best-selling author, and well-known nutrition columnist

The SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker has become a favorite among many homemade soymilk aficionados. Its sleek design and seamless stainless steel construction are considered superior to other brands. In my experience with the SoyaJoy machine , I have found the quality and consistency of the soymilk and the ease of maintenance to be deciding factors. ... Also, I consider the taste of soymilk made with presoaked soybeans to be superior. .. I recommend this handy machine to anyone who is interested in having fresh, delicious soymilk on hand reasonably and deliciously! Click here to read the whole review.


Editorial review by Jeff and Sabrina, vegetarian activists and publishers of the highly respected vegsource.com

"SoyaJoy gets VegSource's highest rating! Jeff and Sabrina have been having a ball with their SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker, coming up with a variety of different flavors and consistencies. You can't go wrong with a SoyaJoy -- we love it! Don't be fooled by imitations and Johnny-come-lately ripoffs -- SoyaJoy is the original, the granddaddy that started it all! The quality of construction, the safety and the power of the machine are the best out there. It's made of the finest materials available -- a surgical stainless steel cooking pot with smooth edges all around -- and it's built for safety and ease of use. It's not only the best, it also happens to be the most reasonably priced! Compared to SoyaJoy, other soymilk makers look like toys!"  

Being among the most popular vegetarian Web sites, VegSource receives requests to test every soy milk maker on the market. SoyaJoy invariably emerges the leader in quality and performance.

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Recommendations by Ellen, well-known chef, columnist, and publisher of ellenskitchen.com

Ellen recommends the SoyaJoy as the best choice to her readers.  

"... For soymilk machine info, and a great online sale price, see the Soyajoy folks. This machine is still the best value for the money and recommended by me and Intsoy."

Review by Dr. Weingartner, Director of INTSOY (International Soybean Program at the University of Illinois)

IntSoy recently tested three different brands of soy milk makers, based on the results of these tests the machine we recommend is the SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker from Sanlinx Inc.. The machine was tested using both hot water and cold water for making soy milk from soaked soybean according to be supplied user manual. It takes us about 15 minutes to make soy milk from cold tap water, and 12 minutes with hot water, we noted that the taste of the milk is better when the hot water is used. The instructions are easy to follow. The machine is very suitable for home use and is among the best we have tested. The stainless-steel container is also a plus. You can find more information by visiting their website at http://www.soymilkmaker.com , via fax at 530-660-7115, or via email at sanlinx@soymilkmaker.com.

Note that the SoyaJoy has been improved since this review and now makes equally good soy milk with hot or cold water.

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Review by Robert Cohen when he was a SoyaJoy reseller

Now for the most hilarious part...Mr. Cohen himself praised the SoyaJoy as the best kitchen appliance he had ever used, prompting him to become a reseller for more than one year! He published this review on his own site.  Read the excerpts below or click the link to read the whole article:

" I tried the (SoyaJoy) machine for two weeks and put it through a rigorous series of tests...made over 20 gallons of various non-dairy milk products... It takes less than one minute to clean and is heavy-duty, looking brand new after my test ...  This (SoyaJoy) machine is miraculous and will change your family's diet ... The magic-milk maker now sits on a kitchen counter next to my VITA-MIX, Acme Juicer, Cuisinart food processor, and Hitachi bread machine. Escoffier would turn parsley-green with envy... I have never before been so excited about a product ... This is the first time that this site is offering something for sale, other than my book ..."   Click here to read the whole review

Mr. Cohen was so impressed with the SoyaJoy, he became a reseller for about a year. He then asked for a 50% wholesale price reduction that we really couldn't provide because it would have been less than our cost. He was unhappy and threatened to find another manufacturer to make his own brand and even came up with a somewhat similar name ("SoyToy," as compare to "SoyaJoy"). In order to sell his SoyToy at inflated prices, Cohen removed this SoyaJoy review from his Web site and started to publish completely fabricated stories about the SoyaJoy. At first, we were very sad and perplexed by his capacity to simply make up things. For example, he published that he had sold over 500 SoyaJoys in the first month of becoming a reseller when in fact he;d sold fewer than 20 (a 25-fold exaggeration!). The fact is that he sold many fewer than 500 in one year! He also stated on his Web site that the SoyaJoy container is made of cheap rolled steel, when in fact it is made of high-quality stainless steel. After reading similar stories (e.g., this one - The Sad Truth About Robert Cohen ), we realized that we were not his only victims. All we can say is that we wish we had known him better.  You've been warned! 


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Review by Dr. Joseph Ross of Brewster, New York,  who specializes in comprehensive vision care.
    I have had my Soyajoy soy milk maker for about a year now.  I have to tell you that it is one of the best items I have purchased ever.  I am an eye doctor and concerned about nutrition.  Your machine makes it easy and inexpensive to make soy milk in minutes.  Plus the Laura Soy Beans you recommend from Fairvew Farms are great for soy milk and very reasonable in cost. http://www.fairviewfarms.com/
    I am one of the many Americans who follow a low carb high protein diet, like Atkins Recommends.  It is very easy to make soy milk and use Stevia as a sweetener.  You instantly have a great low carb drink that can be flavored with, vanilla, cinnamon, and many other flavors.
    I found an excellent source of Stevia that works very well with your machine.  I get it from http://www.herbaladvantage.com/ .  It has almost no after taste.  With Vanilla or cinnamon, I can make great soy milk in minutes. This is the best Stevia I have ever seen.  The price is very reasonable and the quality better than anything I have found anywhere.   They have bred their Stevia to have virtually no bitter aftertaste as some Stevia does.
    I was also skeptical about needing the cleaning mixture you recommend but that is every bit as excellent a product as your machine. It makes clean up very easy.

 Dr Joseph A Ross,  http://www.drjoeross.com/


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What do SoyToy users say about their SoyToys?

Mr. Cohen would like people to blindly believe him. However, people are not as stupid as he might hope. Among those who contacted us for clarification, none ended up buying his "Toy." People who tried both machines told us they clearly prefer the SoyaJoy. Read posts at this Web page (Soytoy - NO Thanks!) as well as other horrible stories about the SoyToy within its own Yahoo Group - "Suggestions (for using the SoyToy) range from using lady's stockings to hemp bag. Apparently the filter that comes with the machine is inadequate. Many suggestions on how to make your own filter bag from stretchy fabric. Keep in mind that these are posts from owners of Soytoy, the people who actually own these machines. I was sold on the concept of not having to soak beans until I realize the price for that is having to filter. No thanks--I've got other things to do."

"The SoyToy was DESIGNED to create soymilk with greater "body" and increased nutrition?" Heh heh heh. Love it when they call a bug a feature. I thought only software engineers do that. Whooweeeee!!!"  

Note that the Yahoo SoyToy Group was set up to PROMOTE the SoyToy. I suspect that one can only read negative stories that were not deleted fast enough. 

Click here to read about SoyaJoy  - SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker, features, verifiable independent tests and customer testimonials, and ordering online


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