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Beauty Benefits of Soy

1. Soy’s Benefits for Hair Loss Prevention

Soy products are an excellent source of protein and since hair is primarily composed of protein, a diet rich in soy is beneficial for optimum hair growth. However there have been studies to suggest the benefits are far more penetrating.

One study found that a molecule called equol, a resulting compound of soy protein digestion, blocked the cancer-forming activity of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) without inhibiting testosterone. DHT is a by-product of testosterone that is linked to prostate cancer but is also the main cause of hair loss in men and women and scientists believe the results may have implications for treating baldness.

“Blocking the action of the potent androgen (male hormone) DHT has been one of the holy grails of the pharmaceutical industry as a strategy for treating prostate cancer and other related diseases,” says researcher Kenneth Setchell, PhD. “This natural metabolite made from soy isoflavones, which are found in high amounts in soybeans, does this very effectively.”

The idea that soy can help prevent baldness is not a new one but there is still no conclusive evidence to indicate the consumption of soy will prevent baldness. The hair loss prescription drug, Propecia, works in a similar way to the presumed method of soy but unlike the soy theory, it has been conclusively proven through years of clinical studies to be the most effective treatment for male hair loss.

For the whole story, please read the original post: http://www.belgraviacentre.com/blog/soys-benefits-for-hair-loss-prevention-113/

2. Soy can also be used as hair care products.

Soy beans is known as the snacks that have great nutritional value, The doctors also agreed that soy good for bone density, maintain weight and treat various diseases. The good news for women is soybeans can be used as a beauty treatment, Soy is the kind of nuts that are common in East Asia. They are classified as oilseeds, Soy is considered a complete protein because of the amount of essential amino acids.Here are the benefits of soy for beauty : 

1. Moisturizing the skin.Soybean is the best moisturizer for combination skin, because it can moisturize the parts dry skin, as well as scrape the excess oil on oily skin, In addition, soybeans also able to diminish the signs of aging such as skin discoloration, dark spots, fine lines and even handcuffs, Aging makes the loss of estrogen that acts to maintain skin elasticity, Soy contains phytoestrogens to help the body produce more estrogen which can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, Soybeans also contain vitamin E, which can get rid of dead skin cells and form new skin cells making the face look younger and radiant, To moisturize the skin the way is quite easy to do just by crushing soybeans that have added a little water and apply on face and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. This treatment can be used three times a week. 

2. To strengthen nails.Soy is very good for brittle nails, Eating soy regularly for six months will make the nails strong and shines, Soybeans are also able to moisturize the nails. In addition, soy is also known to treat nail fungus infection, The way is just dip the nail in the soy sauce and you are free of the fungus. 

3. Makes hair shine.Soy can also be used as hair care products, Benefits can make hair smooth, soft and shiny, The way is by applying a soy bean juice on the hair, Do this treatment for three months to see the desired results. - See more at: http://jaysactivity.blogspot.com/2012/09/soybeans-benefits.html#sthash.cCcx5qfm.dpuf

For the whole story, please read the original post: http://jaysactivity.blogspot.com/2012/09/soybeans-benefits.html

3. Hair Loss & Drinking Soy Milk

Hair loss is a common condition in both males and females, one that can cause anxiety because it is associated with aging and poor health. The vast majority of hair loss is genetic and associated with an imbalance in hormones called androgens. Inadequate nutrition, toxicity, severe stress and disease are other causes of hair loss. Soy products contain plant hormones that can reduce the effects of androgens and potentially slow down the process of hereditary hair loss. Soy milk is a good source of these hormones, but some brands are high in iodine, which has been linked to accelerated hair loss. Consult your doctor about the pros and cons of consuming soy products.

Hair Loss Causes

Genetics accounts for about 95 percent of permanent hair loss cases, according to the “Textbook for Functional Medicine” by David S. Jones. Temporary hair loss is commonly related to nutrient deficiencies, toxicities and severe stress, but permanent hair loss, sometimes called androgenic alopecia or “male pattern baldness,” is related to how your body produces and regulates certain hormones. The most prominent circulating male hormone related to hair loss is called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. In short, high levels of DHT cause shrinkage of hair follicles until they no longer produce hair. Other hormones are involved in the hair loss process too, such as androstenedione, prolactin and the ratio between estrogen and testosterone

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